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Engine & Vehicle



Sometimes it can be pretty obvious that your vehicle isn’t driving/running/working the way it should.  Think squeaky brakes, plumes of smoke from the exhaust, or maybe fluid leaks in the driveway. Unusual sights, smells, or sounds can all be signs that your vehicle needs an experienced mechanic to fix the issue(s).

We provide inspections for Cars & Trucks of all makes, models & sizes!  No matter what your automotive inspection needs are, drop by our Whitefish location and have Dean and his team of expert mechanics inspect your vehicle.

Looking to purchase a new or used car?  Need an honest, independent, reliable mechanic to inspect and relay the facts?  We do that too!

We’ll inspect your car, truck and/or vehicle which will include the following and more.

– A thorough panel-by-panel external visual inspection of the vehicle – including paint condition, rust, evidence of body filler and poor panel alignment.
– We’ll check for signs of body flex like stress cracks resulting from a weakening body frame.  We also inspect the undercarriage, looking for evidence of major collision repairs, corrosion, fluid leaks, or any obvious recent repairs that may indicate existing or future problems.
– A test drive of the vehicle to evaluate any detectable problems in the engine, transmission, steering, suspension, and brakes under various driving conditions.

What if you’re not sure if you need an inspection?  It’s a great idea to schedule an appointment if…

– Your vehicle has any illuminated dashboard lights
– You hear strange sounds coming from any part of your car
– Your engine won’t start sometimes
– Your car pulls to one side of the road, even though you’re steering straight

Our Promise:

When you bring your car to Meyer Mechanic Service, Inc. at our Whitefish location for an engine repair, tire purchase/installation or any other of our numerous vehicle services, we will do our absolute best to get you, your family and vehicle back on the road safely!

Contact us today and schedule your vehicle inspection today!